Our Promise

With over 25 years in general Pest Control and thousands of services performed all over San Diego County, we have an advantage over our competitors. We pride ourselves in the knowledge and experience that we have gained in the past 25 years of being in the Industry. We promise to offer a 100% free no obligation Pest Control evaluation & Inspection of your property. Our pricing is very competitive without compromising quality and excellent customer service.

The Pest Control Company, Inc covers the San Diego area for exterminating the Ants, Snails, Slugs, Mice, Rodents, Spiders, Bed Bugs, Flies, Cockroaches and Mosquitoes that are plaguing your residence. We do NOT cover Termite Extermination.

For Bee Removal, check out our other company, AA Beekeeper.

Our Testimonials


I've had a bee issue for quite some time but given the expensive services out there, I had trouble affording the removal (bad, I know). One day, my neighbor actually came over with them to discuss my situation. He gave us a quote, (extremely affordable compared to other beekeepers), and off he went to work on the hive. 
Huge thanks for capturing the bees and fixing my home!

-Patrick N.


The service from the Pest Control Company has always been exceptional...friendly, knowledgeable and experienced...and a very good value too. I find his services much more responsive and successful than the larger pest control companies out there.

-Phyllis Z.


The Pest Control Company, Inc is the best and I highly recommend them for your rodent needs. We wasted time and money when we used another rodent control company. We are so glad we found The Pest Control Company, Inc. They installed rodent bait boxes on our exterior perimeter and installed taps inside our attic. They rodent-proofed all rodent entry points which included our attic and fixed entry points on our roof of our house.

-Beth F.